Located in the heart of Kimuhurura, a unique and sought after area. Premium master plan, 6 types of apartments for your choice. From one to four bedrooms, from single to duplex. OASIS apartments are hugely attractive for businesses, vacation tourists, expats and diasporas.

Buying a New Lifestyle!

How to Buy an Apartment

100% down payment

100% down payment within 3 days after signing purchasing contract.

Installment payment process

1. 40% payment within 3 days after signing purchasing contract.
2. 40% payment before 2022/04/30 (handing over the keys).
3. 20% payment before 2022/6/30.

What you will gain

Permanent legal ownership

Each apartment will have a condominium title (issued by the Government of Rwanda) and will be held in the name of the individual investor. No legal restriction on foreign ownership of property in Rwanda.

A house that keeps appreciating

In Kigali, apartment products are developing. With the economic development of Kigali, the new lifestyle provided by land-saving apartment products will greatly affect the people.

Think of Investment?

Why Invest in Sylvia Villa?


Only 8 years for principal protected investment,
12 % annual return on equity.
Delivered before End of April 2022,
the finishing quality is visible and the return of
the investment is close at hand.

Further Service

We Provide Operation Service

International design team professionally operate your house to get high rent and high return for you.

Why not Book a Visit?

Oasis Park, No 570, KG 628 St, KN 5 Rd, Gasabo, Kigali
Telephone: +250 782 735 583 /  +250 782 361 499 / +250 782 498 824