Premium master-planned, spacious duplex 4 bed, 5 bath Villa targeting corporates,

vacationing tourists, expatriates, diaspora located at the

heart of Kiyovu, an exclusive and highly sought after area.

Buying a New Lifestyle!

How to Buy a Villa

Option 1:

100% down payment within 3 days after signing purchasing contract with 5% discount.

Option 2:

1. 50% payment within 3 days after signing purchasing contract with 3% discount.

2. 30% payment before finishing the building structure.

3. 20% payment before 2024/12/31 (handing over key)

Option 3:

1. 30% payment within 3 days after signing purchasing contract.

2. 50% payment before finishing the building structure.

3. 20% payment before 2024/12/31 (handing over key)

What you will gain

Permanent legal ownership

Each Villa will have a Land title (issued by the Government of Rwanda) and will be held in the name of the individual investor. No legal restriction on foreign ownership of property in Rwanda.

Luxurious lifestyle

In Kigali, owning a villa is a symbol of honor. More practically, you actually can enjoy the comfort and beauty of life in La Casa Villa.

Think of Investment?

Why Invest in La Casa Villa?


La Casa Villa provides around 10 years of principal protected investment
and around 10% of annual return on equity.
Delivered in the end of 2024.
Rarely low risk, high return.

Further Service

We Provide Operation Service

International design team professionally operate your house to get high rent and high return for you.

Why not Book a Visit?

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